Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Bachelor of Arts in Economics or BA in Economics is a three-year undergraduate program that focuses on helping students builds a diverse set of abilities that will prepare them for a business career. The BA in Economics subjects in this course deal with various focal points of economic and business developments and problems and techniques to tackle them effectively. Job scope in BA in Economics allows you to enhance your level in different fields and economics and finance sectors. They can find work as an economist, researcher, sales representative, etc. The job scope for the BA in Economics course is also in an extensive range with an excellent salary package in jobs including private and public sectors of various reputed organizations in India and abroad. This course is for those students who wish to join the Indian Economic Service and Reserve Bank of India, which are excellent options open to those who want to join government services after it. This course  provide adequate knowledge for jobs like the Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Sample Survey, and other departments that need specialists in economics. This degree course enables the students to go into various commerce and banking-related jobs. 


gsb ba economics
gsb BBA (Finance/ Marketing/ Human Resource)
Syllabus as per New Education Policy BA (Economics):

Micro Economics (Paper 1) : After completing this course student will be able to understand rational behavior and fundamentals of microeconomics. They will be able to explain consumers and Producers behavior and their optimum decisions. Students will be able to know about firms and industries, market and their decisions about optimum productions.

Micro Economics (Paper 2) : After completing this course student will be able to sharpen the analytical skills by highlighting on broad overview of Indian economy. They will be familiar with the issues related to agriculture, industry, foreign trade, economic planning and various economic problem of the India. Student will be acquainted with broad overview of Madhya Pradesh Economy.

Indian Economy (Paper 2): In this student will learn Introduction of Indian Economy, issues related Agriculture, Industry and infrastructure, Foreign Trade and development and Economy of Madhya Pradesh. They will be able to Develop analyze and interpret events and issues related to Indian Economy.

Foundation Course (English& Hindi): Reading, Writing and Interpretation Skills, Comprehension Skill, Basic Language Skills and Basic Grammar.

Foundation Course (Environmental Studies): Student will be able to understand Environment and Natural Resources, Biome, Ecosystem and Biodiversity and Environmental Pollution, Management and Social Issues.

Foundation Course (Yoga and Dhyaan): student will learn practical and theoretical knowledge about Yoga and Yogic Practices, Breathing Practices and Pranayama and Practices leading to Meditation.

gsb BBA (Finance/ Marketing/ Human Resources)


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