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FASHION…“The universal language of every soul.”

Fashion empowers you to use your imagination, learn exciting new skills, and create artworks
and products that can change the world . Fashion will never fade its face in any era. It has been
influenced by varied cultures and trends over the time and has a meaningful impact on its
surrounding community.

We at GSFD believe that a learning environment should both inspire and direct students throughout their education programme to foster out of box thinking and innovation. Fashion design course at GSFD- one of the best colleges for fashion designing in Indore , hones an art of applying design, aesthetics, clothing construction and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. “A fashion designer creates outfits and accessories like shoes and handbags, for consumers .To become a fashion designer there is training and certifications that will help you succeed in this profession.


A logical, sequential hands-on experience enables students to conceptualize design, make patterns, drape, construct garments to intricate design details and surface ornamentation of impeccable quality along with the latest technology like 3D FASHION to communicate fashion through simulation technology.
As a fashion design major, you will take classes in color, textiles, garment construction , pattern making, fashion history, and computer-aided design (CAD) and learn about different types of clothing. Fashion education helps to understand every important detail in designing clothes and accessories. Also, will gain valuable insight through internship at leading fashion houses / manufacturing units.This versatility is evident in the final year through professional practice , portfolio development and graduating fashion collection , conceptualized and constructed by the students at the Design Collection showcase.

GSFD- Fashion institute in Indore has state of art set-up with modern educational practices encouraging students to explore and innovate on the tried-and-tested principles of fashion to adopt and form the design trends of the future. Fashion designers may work full-time for one fashion house, as an ‘in-house designer’ or a freelance designer they work alone or as part of a team, working for themselves, selling their designs to fashion houses, directly to shops, or to clothing manufacturers. Fashion designers set up their own labels, under which their designs are marketed. Career options: Fashion Designer, Product Developer, Creative Pattern Maker, Fashion Co-coordinator, Sampling Designer, Design Merchandiser, Fashion Trend Forecaster, Fashion Educator, Fashion Illustrator, Costume Designer……..

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Curriculum at a Glance :

Fashion Studies,Design Study,Theory of Fabric Structure-Wovens,Business Soft Skills,Fashion Model Drawing,Material Studies, Construction Techniques
Sem. II
Fashion Forecasting,PatternMaking-Kids,Fashion History-Indian,French,Design Process,fashion Illustration-I,Garment Construction-I,Basic Computer Skills, Surface Ornamentation-I,Craft documentation
Sem. III
PatternMaking-Ladies,Traditional Textiles,Theory of Fabric Structure -Knits,Traditional Indian Costumes, Fabric Styling & Manipulation,Surface Ornamentation -II , Garment Construction-II,Fashion Illustration-II, Adobe Coral Draw
Principles of Management,Adv. PatternMaking,fashionWorld Costumes,Principles of Fashion Management & Merchandising, Garment Construction-III,Accessory Design,Draping Techniques-I,Illustrator,Range Development
Media ,PR & Photography ,QC,Online Retailing & e-Commerce, Art Appreciation,Dying and Printing,Adv. Garment Construction,Adobe Photoshop,Draping Techniques-II,CAD
IPR,EXIM,Fashion Retailing & VM,ApparelProductionTechnology,Professional Practice, Portfolio Development,Creative Pattern Making,3D Fashion,Design Collection ,Internship
Fashion Studies,Design Studies,Theory of Fabric Study-Wovens,PatternMaking- I,Art Appreciation,Portfolio Development Practice,Design Study,Material Studies,fabric Style,Manipulation & Ornamentation,Fashion Illustration-I,Construction Techniques, Adobe CoralDraw & Photoshop , Illustrator , Garment Construction-I
Fashion Forecasting,Adv.PatternMaking,Apparel Production Technology,FashionWorld Costume,Fashion Retailing & VM,Professional Practices,Adv. Garment Construction,Draping Techniques & Grading, Fashion Illustration, Range Development, Design Process,3D Fashion,Portfolio Development ,Design Collection ,Internship,Research Project

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