Innovision - GSB College


Innovision is an annual Management Fest of 3-4 days, organized by the students of Graduate school of Business. The fest is aimed at bringing out the competitive spirit of students and test their business acumen, skills and knowledge. It is a combination of various events under the Marketing, HR. Finance, and Analytics field to bring out the best from participants under controlled and simulated environment. It is an event where young brains get to showcase their skills and compete with others to find the best. Lots of new ideas are seen, live, inspired and learn. Innovision is a conceptual and planned event mainly executed by students in the guidance of faculty mentor to create balance between responsibility, accountability, celebration and fun.

Events under the fest:

  • Yogakshema- Business Plan Competition
  • Rangmanch- Management Plays
  • Dance Pe Chance- Dance Competition
  • Manage by Scandals
  • Googly1-Innovision Stock Exchange
  • Googly 2-Baazigar