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Kshitij is a joyous occasion, a celebration that exalts excellence in every facet. It’s a night dedicated to applauding the seamless dedication of outstanding achievers across academics, sports, arts, and leadership roles within the college council. Trophies and certificates serve as tangible symbols of acknowledgment, while students’ skillful performances infuse the event with energy and talent, showcasing the vibrant spirit within our college community.

Yet, Kshitij transcends individual triumphs; it’s a testament to building community and fostering camaraderie. From recognizing the top student and class to crowning the champion house among the renowned Edison, Faraday, Einstein, and Newton houses, every aspect of college life is embraced with enthusiasm and respect. The climax arrives with the announcement of winners in the (Innovision) management fest, highlighting the power of teamwork and perseverance. It’s an evening where dreams are kindled, ambitions are sparked, and the essence of excellence resonates throughout the campus, inspiring future generations to reach for the stars.