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What Can You Do With an Economics Degree?

After completing a degree, most students think about what they can do with an economics degree. Yes, I hear about your mind wandering around these thoughts. So let me help you untangle your thinking by establishing the solution. 

A Career In Banking And The Public Sector

The Reserve Bank of India conducts examinations for entry and also management-level jobs. The age limit for those examinations is between 21 to 28 years. Economic graduates can also work in private and foreign banks. The job roles are branch managers, clerks, economic advisers, and development officers. Or else you can write IBPS & depository financial institution recruitment examinations. 

Suppose you are a person who has an interest in economic-related research. Then, it would be best if you tried to get career opportunities in research institutes. I will mention the two below: the National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi, and the Indian Council of Science Research, Institute of the economic process, New Delhi.

Career in Accountancy

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says that they expect the employment of accountants and financial auditors to grow seven percent in the upcoming decade. Accountants have to maintain and analyze financial records. Accountants play a vital role in any industry. And the duty of an accountant is handling the bookkeeping of a company and preparing financial documents such as profit-and-loss statements, balance sheets, and other financial documents.

Accountants deal with the payments, computing the tax and salaries. The responsibilities are summarizing the financial status by preparing the balance sheets and profit-and-loss statements. The job roles you can access in the accountancy domain are budget analyst, controller, financial manager, public accountant, and purchasing agent. Students study for a Master’s in Economics or capital market to become accountants.

Business and Financial Consultancy

With a BA in Economics, you can work in a medium or large company where economic research is necessary. Financial analysis is essential in the business world. The job opportunity in this field might be plenty, but you must improve yourself with valuable skills to grasp the position. Being sustainable as an economic researcher is tricky, but having in-depth knowledge of economic theories and models is all you need. The most required skills are analytical, problem-solving, and mathematical abilities. 

In financial consultancy, you can work for multiple organizations instead of a single organization. They advise business strategy and produce reports for the organization as a financial consultant. And they have the industry’s up-to-date knowledge and are aware of corporate finance.

Alternate Career Options

Having a degree in BA Economics or BA Capital Market is possible to get a wide range of career opportunities. Here are some of the other career options related to economics. You can work as a stockbroker, retail merchandiser, pricing analyst, insurer, financial consultant, salesperson, auditor, and statistician. 

The fields you can explore as an economics student include IT, Journalism, Law, Management, Market Research, and human resource management, or you can start your own business.


Because of the high demand for the financial job sector, economics has become an evergreen subject. However, being an economics graduate, you have a broad range of job opportunities in various economic sectors. Overall, Economics graduates have plenty of opportunities to make use of their skills. They have the potential to work in a wide variety of roles within both private and public sectors, gaining valuable experience and exposure along the way.

GSB College provides students with the opportunity to learn better, identify areas for improvement, and work on them collectively with proficient professors of economics. In order to succeed in their respective fields, GSB guides students to develop an attitude that will serve them well professionally even after completing their degrees.

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